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Mar. 1st, 2010

Big Love: Seasons 1 and 2---and yes I'm very late to the game. But I didn't even have a TV when the series began, much less HBO.


No spoilers if you've seen the first 2 seasons Collapse )

Feb. 7th, 2010

My family (half of which hails from New Orleans) are very excited today. :) :)

Cut for its largenessCollapse )
My friend Leisa Faulkner has been doing ground work in Haiti for as long as I've known her. She is currently planning an emergency trip to relay supplies DIRECTLY to those in need. Please contribute; email her with a pledge at childrenshope@live.com and send checks to:

Children's Hope
3025 A Cambridge Road
Cameron Park, CA 95682

Dear Friends,

Help us raise emergency funds for medical supplies to Haiti! Checks can be sent to CHILDREN's HOPE at the address below.
Please reply to this email with a pledge now...any little amount really adds up to saving lives.

As you probably have seen today, a huge earthquake (7.3) has hit Haiti just 10 miles southwest of the center of Port-au-Prince (PAP). Children's Hope needs your help. Three of the major centers of our humanitarian work in Haiti are centered in PAP, are still not responsive and we are very concerned for the children and families: the boys home (St. Josephs) is located on Delmas, PAP, Sopudep School (for street children) is in PAP, and "The Lamp" free clinic is in low lying Cite Soleil, PAP. Early reports have many structures down on Delmas, the presidential palace in collapse, and the large local hospital is down. Fear of rising water may further threaten the low laying Cite Soleil, where our clinic "The Lamp" is located. I have not been successful in getting through by phone. We here are sick with worry at early reports like the one below. If you have a few dollars to spare, lives will be saved. We are sending emergency funds starting tomorrow, and then as soon as pledges come in, since the need is urgent. We also really need to raise shipping money for the supplies already donated by a local hospital here (Marshall Hospital of Placerville) to send these supplies to Haiti.
If you pledge, please remember to then send the check to Children's Hope. But please pledge now, so we can get new medicines ordered now, and help on the way.

peace, always and all ways, Leisa Faulkner

I'm in the future!

Time for my Annual First Post of the Year:

We brought in the new year by getting yet ANOTHER flat tire (the same one!), going out for curry at Siamese Street, and catching the 10:30 viewing of Avatar (Neko's 2nd time seeing it, my third). We were able to say, "We were in that movie since last year!"

I expect this year will be full of changes!
Well, breakfast was disappointing. My coffee tasted like onions and the sausage biscuits that were AMAZING yesterday (Trader Joe's canned biscuit dough + morning star farm patties), um, well, I got that unlucky patty this morning that has all those weird unchewable bits in it. Unchewable things in my food really freak me out.

But no matter! I will not let one lousy breakfast spoil my morning! I'm about to leave to get a hair cut--yay! Just a trim, but I'm still excited.

Then I'll go to work, and then I'll come home and finish packing and then Neko will bring me to the airport. My plane leaves tonight at 11:15.
Here's my ridiculous route: United airlines to Las Vegas. Northwest Airlines to Memphis. Northwest to Birmingham. Pick up rental car. Drive 1.5 hours to Montgomery (final destination).

Then on the way back its Birmingham to Houston to San Francisco on Continental.

Dec. 8th, 2009

I am fuh-reaking out about my lab practical. I know I did solidly well on the majority of it but I'm still freaking out. I won't be able to relax until I get it back. Thankfully I have a paper due on Thursday to distract me. Monday is the final exam, and I'm all done with the wonderful world of microbiology.

Other than that, things are pretty regular I guess.

I have some sardines but no crackers to eat them upon. This must be remedied.

Dec. 4th, 2009

My brother Michael's thesis film, "Doxology" is one of the featured films on the front page of youtube this morning! *proud*