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Dreaming is free

Sensitive Robot
I like the things in my interests list.
absinthe spoons, absurd hypothetical situations, anthony bourdain, aquatic plants, bagpipes, bat skeletons, beatrix potter, being a square, bjork, blackbirds, blood oranges, blue hour, books in my bed, boy george, brahman cattle, breakfast, bubble nests, buddha, california highway one, camp, cat skulls, cats named boots, chickens, chocolatey goodness, cockney rhyme slang, comfortable silence, cooking, cows, cygnets, daniel striped tiger, deep contented exhaustion, digital photography, dogs, dolphins, dr. zoidberg, ducks, electronic music, eleven rubies, etymology, exploring ancient europe, fake sushi grass, fear of dolls, flannery o'connor, fluid dynamics, food, fortune cookies, garrison keillor, goats, good manners, good sundays, grapefruit, hands, hayao miyazaki, heartbeat, hello kitty toast, hindu cows, horses, houyhnhnms, hugs and kisses, ice cream, japanese culture, japanese game shows, kelp forests, kitchen cocks, kitsch, kittens in mittens, laughing, lavender, limes, living the dream, london, looking at the stars, macro photography, marsupials, meyer lemons, michio kaku, midwifery, moosh, mowing the lawn, national public radio, nintendo, no shoes, octopi, old internet, old oak trees, orcas, outlandish statements, pacific ocean, pajamas, pancakes, panda bears, penguins, photoshop, pie safes, pineapples, pumpkin guts, reading, recyling, root beer, rural alabama, sardines, scotland, sea turtles, sharpened pencils, shiba inus, sinking in love, smashing pumpkins, smells, southern gothic literature, stethoscopes, strange thoughts for strange, stringed instruments, super mario bros 3, taco night, that-fuckyou-look-turtles-have, the dalai lama, the new york times, the pacific northwest, the talking heads, the time traveler's wife, the white album, tibet, time travel paradoxes, trader joe's, trees, truman capote, two buck chuck, virgin mary's under bathtubs, wabi-sabi, warmth, welsh corgis, welsh rarebit, wikipedia, wool socks, you and only you